Nanshan Group, China

Property Introduction

Fairland Group is the largest offshore shareholder of Nanshan Group, a large Chinese conglomerate focused on real estate and logistics, and based in Nanshan District of Shenzhen.

Fairland Group made a pioneering investment in Nanshan Group in 1983, being one of the earliest Hong Kong investors in a private Chinese enterprise. Throughout the years, Fairland Group participated on the Board of Directors and continue to support Nanshan’s strategic direction.

As of 2022, Nanshan Group has developed 6.88 million square meters of residential & commercial property throughout China, and has another 3.25 million square meters in the pipeline.

Its wholly-owned subsidiary BLOGIS Holdings Co., is one of China’s largest logistics property developers and operators, having owned or operated over 5.9 million square meters of logistics properties, and with 3.1 million square meters in the pipeline.

Other Properties